Chlorophyll Complex, pregnancy vitamins, health, dallas, chiropractorPreventing Spontaneous Abortion and Miscarriage in At-Risk Women

In a previous month’s newsletter, Part I on Chlorophyll, we discussed fat-soluble Chlorophyll’s reputation as an aid to knocking out pain by chewing the perles and holding it in the mouth for 60 seconds.

Since the writing of the last article, we had a number of clinicians mention how well this works. If you have not received or read the previous article please request a copy by sending us an email here.

In this newsletter we will discuss another powerpregnancyful area in which fat-soluble Chlorophyll has shown to have an amazing reputation, that is, in cases of mis- carriages in at-risk women.

miscarriage avoid, preventA woman who suffers from miscarriage after miscarriage may benefit from fat-soluble Chlorophyll along with Wheat Germ Oil to support their intricate body system during this delicate time. We heard of this from a very reputable man in the field of nutrition and we have received great feedback utilizing this protocol in these particular cases to support these women.

It is a “Must-Have” in your “Natural Medicine Cabinet”!

There is a very interesting article from the Whole Food Journal on this very topic for more details. Written by Gina Nick N.D., it is well referenced, brief and very enlightening!

If you would like to read her article, please call my office to receive a copy of this and other research articles on this topic.

If you, a friend or family member would like to learn more about using these two foods in these types of cases, please call our office to set up an in-depth nutritional consultation*.


* This is not a treatment for any condition and it is always important to check with our physician before embarking on any therapy.

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