nutrition Dallas, tX, 75218Would you like to have:

Improved weight management results
Increased energy / vitality
Better digestion
Less bloatingClearer thinking / more focus
Clearer Skin
Disappearance or lessening of past conditions (PMS, digestive problems, etc.)

feel betterBetter Blood Pressure management
Better blood lipid management
Better moods
Shinier hair
Enjoy eating healthier foods you once thought impossible
Better sleep
New motivation in life!

When things go awry, reboot!

Much like a computer, you notice everything slowing down and things are getting a little glitchy. You are starting to notice little error messages, man these are frustrating. You used to be fast and focused but now everything takes longer and is more work and more frustrating. Ah, it is time to reboot your health! This refreshes your resources and allows for better function, speed and vitality! Sometimes rebooting fixes things for reasons we just don’t know why.

Taking 21 days to “reboot” your body systems can be rewarding and life changing event. The first time you do it you will be amazed at how different you feel after about day 5. The first few days you may feel less than optimal as the body is eliminating toxins at an increased rate and balancing blood glucose/insulin levels. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol may start to be regulated as well. (Cortisol can be a key factor in the weight gain around your middle)

This can be an adventure for the whole family; yes, even children can go through the Purification Program. I suggest making it a yearly (even twice per year) family program. It not only teaches children to have self-discipline but that eating vegetables tastes good and makes you feel really great! A simple modification for the children can be to keep a little meat in their program all 21 days so it does not seem so radical. After the first Purification they be willing to go full bore next time.

Daily Support:

Allison at “Purification Support” can be a wonderful help in finding recipes that comply with the Purification Program and that kids like. A mother of two herself, (boy and a girl), she has great experience here.

When you enter the program your doctor can register you for email support and each day you will receive daily tips, suggestions, recipes and educational information that will propel you through the program with greater ease.

A final note:

While this program is not classified as a formal weight loss program, most patients do, in fact, lose significant weight. I think it is one of the most principled ways to lose weight in the long run. If this is your goal make sure to let your doctor know about this, as they may be able to add increased support in this area. If for any reason you do not lose weight during this program take heart. Keep focusing on getting healthy. A healthy body will achieve a healthy weight. It may take a little more time but you should feel better during the journey.

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